Stardew Valley Free Download PC Game (v1.3.36)

Stardew Valley Free Download PC Game (v1.3.36)

Stardew Valley Free Download is in charge of ConcernedApe, but Chucklefish, the author of “Interstellar Frontier”, is also assisted, and is responsible for the release of a classic Japanese RPG game that interprets rural life. The game supports up to 4 people working together. In their own farm, players can grow crops, raise livestock, build buildings, or decorate their own houses. In addition, players can also visit nearby villages and markets, where they can see other characters and can marry people. Cooking, fishing, handicrafts, exploring randomly generated caves, finding new resources, fighting monsters, and more.

You inherited the old grandfather’s farm in Star Dew Valley. Armed with worn-out tools and some coins, you tried to start your new life. Can you learn to live on the land and turn these fields covered with vegetation into a prosperous home? It’s not easy since Joja Corporation arrived in the city, there was almost no ancient way of life. The community center that was once the center of the city’s most vibrant activities is now in Shuraba. However, there seem to be many opportunities in this valley. With a little dedication, you may be the only one to return Stardew Valley to its excellent condition!


  • Turn weed-covered fields into a lively farm

Raise animals, plant crops, start orchards, and make useful machines! There is enough space to make a dream farm.

  • 4 player agriculture

  • Invite 1-3 players and join the valley online

Players can collaborate to build thriving farms, share resources, and improve local communities. Since more hands are better than one, the player has the option to adjust the profit margin of agricultural products sold for a more challenging experience.

  • Improve skills over time

As you move from being a newcomer in the difficulty of being a master farmer, you will level up in five areas: agriculture, mining, combat, fishing, and food. As you progress, you will learn new culinary and artisan recipes, choose between different professions, customize your skills, and unlock new areas to explore.

  • Become a member of the community.

There are more than 30 unique characters in Stardew Valley, so there is no problem finding new friends! Each person tells their daily schedule, birthdays, unique mini-cut scene and new things throughout the year. When you make friends with them, they are open to you, ask for help with their personal problems and tell you their secrets. Participate in seasonal festivals such as luaus, ghost mazes, and winter star parties.

  • Explore a vast and mysterious cave

As you move underground, you’ll find new and dangerous monsters, powerful weapons, new environments, precious gems, ingredients to create and update tools and reveal mysteries.

How to Install?

Unrar with PASSWORD: )

2.  Extract.
3.  Don’t need it.
4.  Use Cracked Games.
5.  Have fun

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